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  • Hype Action: Boston Backyard

    Hype Action: Boston Backyard

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    Exhibition: Getty Museum

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  • Exhibition: Getty Museum

    Exhibition: Getty Museum

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    Exhibition: Alte Nationalgallerie Berlin

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Blatant Reactions In Media And Reality

(By Hypercritic) We Start With A Press Release

Multiversal Blu Ray"Beijing 08.07.2015 Multiversal:

Multiversal Is Deeply Concerned About The Pandemonium Around The World During The Blu Ray Release Of Our Last Creation - Lost In Meditation

All Those Are Hurt Have Our Deep Compassion.

Multiversal Will Make It Possible To Give Away A Free Copy Of "The Making  Of: Lost In Meditation" For Download.
Please Contact The Multiversal Promotion!
For Understandable Reasons Multiversal Decided  To Distribute And Sell  The Movie Only Online.
To Support The Injured, Multiversal Has To Raise The Sales Price. We Thank All For The Fully Understanding."

Shang Hadyn
Press Officer Multiversal

The CriminalistSo Far The Multiversal Press Release. Some Of The Major Media React On Their Last Movie.

Fun Fact: Even The Criminalist Tinkers A Lead Story Called: "Wanted Poster Through The Ages" Exemplifying The Role Of Miscreant "Paradroid" The Eternal Terrorist Actor.

TimeThe Time Opener Is A Roasting On Hells Coal.
The Inability To Focus Reality” Is On Some Parts A Over-Interpretation Of Story Side Aspects.

But In This Artful Article Is A View On The Reality Of Escapism That Is Outstanding Interesting.
Here Again We Have This Unique Feature Of The Time Press Work.

ShrillShrill Whatnot Has A New Hit And The Music Heaven Is Not Only Filled With Violins.

Like Many Other Magazines Shrill Reviewed The New Blu Ray.
Written By Huge Hyperion A Member Of The Band "tHE nATIVES oF sUPERLATIVES" The Article "The Soundtrack Of Superb" Is A Composition Of Soap N´Opera.

Maybe The Writer Had A Dance On Clouds?

The HypeThe Hype Goes Another Way. Lead Story is: “Hype, Camping & Broken Bones” Hard At The Margin Of Legality The Magazine Give Tips In The Opener For Making Bootlegs And Finding "Gray" Downloads
...Oops Hype!?

MediaMagMedia Mag And Also Top 10 Made Both A Review On The Film.

The Magazines Concentrate On Behind The Scenes (Media Mag) And Backstage With The Paradroid (Top 10) Top 10 Is Also Asking "Oscar Where Are You?

Yeah......And Than The Humor... Top 10 Jeered About “Signtology® Declares The Multivers

TopTenBut It Seems They Don´T Understand The Construct Of Parallel Universes, Not To Mention Of The Multiverse And In Specific “The Multivers” But Hope Springs Eternal.

Multivers Otherwise Brings A Story Around They Blu Ray Hype. The Have The Best Shots Of The Broken Bones Hype. And As The Official Voice Of Options – Multivers Creates A  Fan Poll. “Wich Track Is Funky?

MultiversThe Ranking Of The Soundtrack Is Also A Hype.
If You Read The Press Release Of Multiversal Above, You Might Be Also Interested In The Issue Of Multivers. An Interview With Shang Haydn Is Also Included.

VagueWomens Magazin Vague Kills Two Birds With One Stone. The Cover Shows A Lead Shot Of A Woman Who Reads Glamour A Magazin Of The Same Publisher. (Glamour Did An Article With A Disk Review) Tricky Tricky.
Multiversal On Top Of Attention

But Now!! Killer Feature Is A Disk Of “Lost In Meditation
(Legal Issue? Hmmm Hmmm)

Not Least And Before I Am Lost In Attention The Great Surprise Of Superb Taste.

MysteryA Delicacy Is "Chilling Mystery". The New Issue Brings The Written Story Of Lost In Meditation. Author Is A Unknown Movie Enthusiast. The Story Is Written  Like A Phil. K. Dick Novel And The Same Thrilling. Thrilling Not Chilling..Or Both?
Awesome Fascinating And A Recommendation For Those Of Us Who Still Read.

And this is whats that all about:

Lost in Meditation CaseYesterday Night Multiversal Brought Out The LOST IN MEDITATION Disk.
Like The Prehistoric Maq Intosh Hype, The Public Made Camping With Open Fire In Front Of The Stores.
On The Emission
Hour We Saw Tumult Scenes With Millions Of Damage To Property And Several Broken Bones.Lost in Meditation Hype
Multiversals Press Officer Shang Hadyn Was Visibly Shocked About The Good Campaign Work.
In Less Than One Hour All Disks Were Sold...
And Now The

(for all others of us > only this is whats left:)


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